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The stock market has, for the most part, ebbed and flowed with the four-year election cycle for the past years. Since , the Dow Jones industrial average has gained an average of Returns are based on price only and exclude dividends. But no one needs to tell you that the current cycle is anything but average. Democrat or Republican? Conventional wisdom might suggest that Republicans, who are supposedly more business-friendly than the Democrats, would be more beneficial for your stock holdings.

But normal variations in annual stock market returns dwarf that difference, says Russ Koesterich, chief investment strategist at BlackRock. He concludes that a focus on which party wins the White House is unwarranted—at least from an investing standpoint. Divided versus united government. Another urban legend is that markets do better when government is divided, says Koesterich. With neither party in control, government is somewhat neutered, leaving markets free to flourish. InvesTech has looked at stock returns going back to under three separate scenarios. A political crystal ball.

Election results may not be so great at predicting stock market returns, but the converse is not the case. It turns out that the stock market has an uncanny ability to predict who will call the White House home for the next four years. If the stock market is up in the three months leading up to the election, put your money on the incumbent party. Losses over those three months tend to usher in a new party. The statistics are compelling. Attacking Obama relentlessly, emphasizing the stalled economy, and fueled by the anger of the Tea Party Movement , Republicans scored a landslide in the midterm elections , winning control of the House and gaining seats in the Senate.

Boehner pledged to repeal Obamacare and cut federal spending. Obama called the elections "humbling" and a "shellacking", arguing that the defeat came because not enough Americans had felt the effects of the economic recovery. On April 4, , Obama announced that he would seek re-election in the presidential election. Obama did not face any significant rivals for the Democratic nomination. Obama's Republican opponent in the general election, former Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts, advocated for lower taxes, spending cuts, an increase in defense spending, and a repeal of Obamacare which was ironically based on a Massachusetts healthcare plan developed under Romney.

Obama's second mid-term election turned into another wave election , as Republicans won control of the Senate and picked up several governorships. Republican control of the Senate gave the party the power to block Obama's executive and judicial nominees. The elections took place on November 8.

What Affects Voter Turnout Rates?

Obama was term-limited in due to the 22nd Amendment , though Obama's approval ratings may have impacted his party's ability to win the race. During the eight years of Obama's presidency, the Democratic Party experienced a net loss of 1, governorships and state and federal legislative seats. Trump and Obama frequently communicated during the transition period , and Trump stated that he sought Obama's advice regarding presidential appointments. Obama's election also provoked a reaction to his race, birthplace, and religion.

As president, Obama faced numerous taunts and racial innuendos, though most overt racist comments were limited to a small fringe. As Obama left office, historians expressed various opinions about his effectiveness as president, with many noting that subsequent events would determine his ultimate legacy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Presidential term. For a chronological guide to this subject, see Timeline of the presidency of Barack Obama. This article is part of a series about. Cabinet Judges. Main articles: Barack Obama presidential campaign, and United States elections, Main article: Confirmations of Barack Obama's Cabinet.

Main article: Barack Obama Supreme Court candidates. Further information: List of federal judges appointed by Barack Obama and Barack Obama judicial appointment controversies. Main article: First days of Barack Obama's presidency. Vice President Joe Biden stands behind him. Play media.

See also: Barack Obama social policy. See also: Health care reform in the United States and Health care reforms proposed during the Obama administration. See also: Banking in the United States. Main article: Economic policy of the Barack Obama administration. See also: Taxation in the United States.

See also: United States federal budget. See also: Education in the United States. See also: Immigration to the United States. See also: Energy policy of the Obama administration. See also: Gun politics in the United States. See also: Cyberwarfare in the United States. See also: Race and ethnicity in the United States. Main article: Space policy of the Barack Obama administration. Main article: Foreign policy of the Barack Obama administration.

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See also: List of presidential trips made by Barack Obama. Main articles: Iraq War and War in Afghanistan —present. See also: East Asian foreign policy of the Barack Obama administration. See also: United States free trade agreements. Main article: Death of Osama bin Laden. President Obama on Osama bin Laden's Death. President Obama's address Full Text. Remarks by the President on Osama bin Laden. See also: Drone attacks in Pakistan. Main article: Cuban thaw. See also: Cuba—United States relations. Further information: Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

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Obama Wins Election

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